Offroad motorsports photography is a challenging genre to master. You have everything from dirt bikes kicking up mud to trophy trucks speeding around the curves. Freezing the motion of offroad motorsports in a photograph is tough. You have to deal with the speed of the subject and the conditions on the site. But while offroad motorsports present several challenges, the genre also has several opportunities. The track, for example, can help make motorsports more predictable than other sports photography.

Dust can be disastrous for a camera. It’s important to prepare your gear before heading out to the track. Especially when photographing motorsports on a dirt track. If your camera is not weather-sealed, add a rain cover. This may help keep the dust from finding its way in through tiny cracks and crevices.

Even more important than keeping your gear safe? Keeping yourself safe. Talk to a track representative to find out where you can stand safely. If staying safe means shooting behind a fence, use a wide aperture to help blur out the fence. This will keep it out of your photographs. Always be aware of your surroundings. This means regularly taking your eye from the viewfinder. Wearing a bright safety vest can also help.